Keep Your Advertising Message Legal

Etienne Lawyers has extensive experience in advising businesses on marketing and advertising. Advertising law applies to:

  • online marketing
  • product placement
  • direct marketing
  • packaging and labeling
  • print media and
  • broadcast media (television and radio

Advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and Instagram falls under Australian advertising laws.

iPad, Coca Cola Can and Mont Blanc pens.

Packaging and Labelling is Advertising

Etienne Lawyers provides advice on packaging and labeling of goods. If you manufacture products in Australia, there are specific laws to follow. If you import goods into Australia, there are a different set of laws.

At Etienne Lawyers, we have experience in advising on packaging and labeling in the areas of:

  • cosmetics,
  • therapeutic goods,
  • motor vehicles.
  • food and
  • other personal products.

Advertising is an integral part of any business. It is crucial for businesses to avoid engaging in

  • misleading or deceptive conduct and
  • unfair practices.

In Australia, heavy penalties exist for these types of offenses.

Trade Promotions and Lotteries

We assist you before you publish in reviewing your advertising copy of

  • print,
  • packaging,
  • radio,
  • television and
  • internet marketing materials.

Thereby, minimising if not removing any risk of challenge or complaint.

Trade Promotions and Lotteries

Trade promotions and lotteries form a part of marketing goods and services.Scam road signs with call to action

Etienne Lawyers can assist in obtaining trade promotion and lottery approvals. Trade promotions, lotteries, and games of chance and skill may need to have a license. Each State and Territory of Australia determines the licenses required. We can advise you if you need a permit and help you get them.

Etienne Lawyers will help you determine if you have a lottery or a game of skill. We can tell you if the law permits a ‘proof of purchase’ or excludes it.

Terms and Conditions

Trade promotions and lotteries need terms and conditions. We can review any existing terms and conditions you have. But, if you don’t have any we can provide you with a proper form of terms and condition.

Services available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide, and Perth.

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