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Participants of the Business Business Business Small Business Skills Summit

Etienne Lawyers is offering you an Intellectual Property (IP) Audit to help protect and grow your business.

Imagine Creating New Income from Assets You Already Own

With an IP Audit from Etienne Lawyers, it’s possible to protect and take control of your IP with an IP audit and identify what IP you own. Through this audit, you will discover how to increase your revenue and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Effectively exploiting your IP for profit takes know-how and if you don’t know what IP you have it is impossible.

“If you don’t know it exists you can’t exploit it to create value”

Protect Your IP and Your Business

What can you expect from your IP Audit

    • Identify if your Confidential Information is secret. Making sure that your employee agreements are in place and watertight. Avoiding the risk of competitors accessing your trade secrets.
    • That the awesome logo that you spent all that time designing is properly protected.
    • The products your customers love so much are protected by patents or registered designs.
    • Determine what patents, registered designs or confidential information you can licence to others to increase your revenue.
    • Ensure that you have appropriate agreements in place for IP that you have licenced.
    • Locate all the notices for patents, trademarks and copyright so that you can enforce your IP rights and claim damages.
    • Implement an effective strategy for protecting and exploiting your IP.
    • Increase the value of your business by knowing what IP assets it owns.
    • Save money by not maintaining obsolete IP assets. Knowing what IP you own can assist you not to infringe on others IP rights.
    • Increased borrowing power. IP can be used as collateral.
    • Establish who owns the IP – an employee, contractor, owner or a company.
    • Educate your staff about the importance of IP.
    • Discover if you are using your IP assets to their full potential.

    “Etienne Lawyers conducted an IP Audit for our restaurant businesses. They went through our materials – being our recipes, promotional materials, Occupational Health and Safety procedures, restaurant operations manuals and after conducting the IP Audit put in place well thought out procedures that have seen us in good stead in protecting our confidential information in our recipes, copyright protection for that confidential information, copyright protection for our manuals and securing our name and reputation by obtaining an Australia wide trademark. The IP Audit process was painless and not overly time-consuming; it was exceedingly worthwhile and worth every cent we paid for it.”

    Lee-Ann Azar La Mono Restaurants

    I want to protect my business and gat an IP audit


    An IP Audit can be described as a systematic review of the intellectual property owned, used or acquired by your business.

    The IP Audit

    Etienne Lawyers comprehensive Intellectual Property Audit features an extensive analysis of the Intellectual Property in your business. A complete report of the business’ IP and its protection or lack thereof. The report also includes if needed recommendations to remedy any defecient or missing protection strategies.

    Available until 31 October 2018 for $1,100.00 $550.00

    “That’s why I like Etienne. They are ethical lawyers”

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum

    If you need other IP legal work completed Etienne Lawyers will offer the participants of the Business Business Business Small Business Skills Summit a 10% discount. This offer is available until 31 July 2019. This does not include litigation or government/out of pocket expenses.

    This offer includes

    • licence agreements
    • trademark applications
    • commercialisation of IP
    • vetting advertising
    • vetting copyright
    • issuing cease and desist letter for IP infringement
    • registered design application
    • non-disclosure agreements
    • employee confidentiality agreements
    • consultant confidentiality agreements
    • assignment agreements for a consultant to transfer the IP they create to you
    • preparing and reviewing distribution agreements

    This list is not exhaustive.


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