David and Irena BW

Etienne Lawyers are excited that the 2014 World Senior II Standard Championships commence today. They Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, Canada is the elegant venue for such a prestigious event.

David and Irena Brooks – Australian Senior II Standard Champions are tanning and stretching in anticipation of competing later today.

They have trained long and hard for this opportunity and are anxious to hear the music start and walk onto the floor.

Many years of time, money, sweat and injuries have brought them to this point. It is most deserved.

David and Irena commenced dancing when their children were young and taking lessons themselves. At first they seemed like an ‘odd couple’. Irena – tiny and an ex-ballerina, David – tall and an ex-rugby player. Not the makings of a champion couple. However, they have worked hard, perfected their craft and now take to the world stage representing Australia. They are a force to be reckoned with.

No detail is too small for their attention and no hurdle to high for them to overcome.

David and Irena are passionate about both their dancing and representing Australia.

Etienne Lawyers wishes them good luck and hope that they enjoy the experience of competing with the best in the world.