Do You Know Enough To Stay Out Of Trouble As A Director

WHS and Landscaping – A quick quiz

Test your WHS knowledge in a landscaping scenario.

Taylor has just started working as a casual for a landscaper. Taylor's boss has asked Taylor to stack bags of fertilizer at the Landscaper's premises for storage.  The bags have been left out and are wet. The ground is wet and the place the bags are to be moved to is on tiles that are NOT non-slip. Taylor is wearing thongs. Taylor does the work. In lifting the last bag he/she slips on the wet tiled floor. The bag falls on Taylor's left foot and the fall hurts his/her back. The bag burst and the ammonium nitrate has to be cleaned up.  Taylor cleans it up with out any chemical goggles or face shield, gloves, or boots. Next day Taylor cannot move or stretch their upper body and their left foot is severely bruised. Taylor leaves work without reporting the incident to anyone.

Do you know enough to stay out of trouble as a director?

Find out if you have enough knowledge to safely act as a director.