Executor Checklist

Checklist for Executors


  • Read the Will Carefully
  • Obtain advice from Etienne Lawyers
  • Identify the beneficiaries
  • Notify the beneficiaries of their entitlements and send a copy of the Will to the beneficiaries


  • Make a list of all the assets (video recording or photographing household items is a good idea)


  • Ensure all property is secured (change locks on buildings if necessary, move vehicles to secure location if no garage, store valuable household items securely. Place jewellery in a safe. Hand Certificates of Title or Share documents to Etienne Lawyers
  • Redirect Mail
  • Cancel drivers license
  • Cancel any Centrelink payments
  • Claim any medical expenses from Medicare
  • Cancel memberships and claim refunds
  • Notify home and contents insurance if property is unoccupied
  • Apply for Death Certificate or request from Funeral Director
  • Write to financial institutions with whom the deceased held accounts and ask for confirmation of assets/liabilities and the specific requirements for releasing the funds
  • Write to share registries to confirm shareholdings and dividends paid
  • Write to accountant and superannuation funds manager to confirm financial details
  • Prepare financial details to lodge any outstanding tax returns of the deceased
  • Apply for an estate tax file number
  • Prepare tax return for the estate
  • Prepare application for probate


  • Redeem and collect assets
  • Pay debts and liabilities
  • Wait for the expiry of the six month limitation period for family provision claims against the estate and defend the Will against a challenge if it arises
  • Prepare estate accounts showing all money collected and paid on behalf of the estate
  • Attend to reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of the estate
  • Distribute estate to beneficiaries in accordance with the terms of the Will


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