Insolvency Seminar

Steven Brown

Thank you for downloading Etienne Lawyers’ presentation ‘Terms and Conditions of Trade’.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Breed Bottom Line Series Seminar: Insolvency – presented by Steven Brown. This will be another FREE seminar hosted by the Breed Business Centre, Wednesday June 17, 2015.


    • What happens if someone who owes me money goes bankrupt?
    • How does bankruptcy work and how can I avoid it?
    • What are the rights, powers, duties and responsibilities of a trustee in bankruptcy?
    • What are the current laws surrounding bankruptcy?


    • What happens if a company who owes me money becomes insolvent?
    • How does insolvency work and how can I avoid it?
    • What are the rights and obligations of creditors, lenders, financiers and Directors?
    • What are the rights, powers, duties and responsibilities of liquidators, administrators, receivers and trustees?
    • What are the current laws surrounding insolvency?

Insolvency occurs when your business cannot pay its debts, which can result in your business closing down. Insolvency matters are complex and require communication with creditors and stakeholders.

This month’s seminar will provide you with practical guidelines on the legal aspect of insolvency.

Steven will answer any questions and offer advice on issues you may be facing in your business.


As part of the evening, Breed provides a warm and inviting atmosphere to facilitate networking amongst the attendees before and after the seminar. Meeting new people at events like this is a great way to grow your business. Either by connecting with new potential customers, finding new suppliers or just connecting with people who know people you might want to know.

Don’t miss out on this FREE event to increase your business skills, learn from an expert and make new business connections.

Use this seminar to find out how your Insolvency to protect your business.

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