A Legal Health Check-Up for a Fixed Fee of $1500.00" />

Legal Health Check Up

A Legal Health Check-Up for a Fixed Fee of $1500.00

When managing a company or a professional practice, the directors or partners are fully involved in the day to day aspects of making the business profitable, and that is how it should be. Running a successful business can however often seem like attempting to negotiate a legal minefield. Our job is to ensure that our clients get through the legislative minefield, efficiently and safely.

We offer the best independent legal advice on matters ranging from mergers, acquisitions and property transactions to partnership agreements and employment disputes. We can provide you with expert advice on areas that your particular business may need to address, or tighten up. We much prefer to prevent your business getting into legal difficulties, but we also offer invaluable legal advice when you do experience legal problems.

For a fixed fee, you can have the peace of mind which comes with knowing that you are operating your business as efficiently as possible, within current legal regulations.

Legal Health Check Up Call to Action

Step 1 Initial Checkup Step 2 Legal Assessment Step 3 Identifying Problems Step 4 Provide Solutions Step 5 Ongoing Assistance