Succession Planning or Cashing Out !

Are You Thinking About Selling or Cashing Out

Unlike people who are born, mature and die, a business, owned by people, need not have the same fate. Businesses can continue long after their founders have died. Consequently when you have a business and it is time for you to retire (voluntarily or involuntarily) what are the questions to be considered so you can cash out?

Irrespective of the legal structure in which you own or control your business the questions you need to answer can be dealt with by looking at: [table id=1 /]

The main ways for a business to grow and end are:




Having regard to the numerous considerations in leaving a business you should take the time you need and when in doubt seek expert advice on the various issues that need to be taken into consideration.

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Next Steps…

Etienne Lawyers can work with you to cash out in the best possible means. The process my not be one that can be achieved overnight but anything worth doing is worth the time, trouble and money. Etienne Lawyers has helped owners get millions of dollars out of their business while still retaining control. In one case, we enabled the owner to receive 25% more value, increasing a $20 Million return to $26 Million.