Thanks to ICLE and BAM Studios

Etienne Lawyers featured in the filming of Legal Seminars for ICLE last weekend. It was another great experience to film with ICLE and BAM Studios again. As always it was fun and we learnt more about film technology and gadgets.

Filming with ICLE and BAM Studios

Steven Brown filmed two seminars for ICLE. One seminar covered the new legislation for the Franchising Code and the other seminar covered the updated laws regarding the Australian Competition and Consumer Code.

Susan Jones form Living Lines also filmed a session for ICLE on Business Branding. Susan’s session was informative and entertaining with some great business branding tips.

Thank you to Alice Debechi from ICLE for the opportunity to take part in the ICLE program.

Thank you to Tristan from BAM Studios for his professionalism and patience in the filming. As always he made the filming session stress free and enjoyable.

We look forward to our next filming session with ICLE and BAM Studios.