Buying Off The Plan – Filming for ICLE


Buying Off The Plan - Filming for ICLE

Buying Off The Plan

Etienne Lawyers was again asked to film a presentation for ICLE. Steven Brown’s presentation was focused on purchasers buying off the plan and developers selling off the plan. Steven has many years experience acting for both developers selling off the plan and purchasers buying off the plan. He understands the benefits and pitfalls from both the purchaser and developers point of view. Steven’s extensive experience in this area made him the logical choice for ICLE in presenting this area of law as training for other lawyers.

This is a very topical subject at the moment. With the Sydney skyline having more cranes than any other in the world except Dubai. Most of the buildings are new apartments. With interest rates low and overseas buyers being restricted to mostly new properties – new apartments are very popular. Also peaking interest in NSW is the First Home Owner Grant and First Home – New Home scheme offered by the State Government. New apartments can be cheaper than houses and land making them easier to satisfy the rules of the government schemes.

With property prices rising sometimes 10% a year developers can sell a property off the plan and not complete the building for 5 years. In that 5 years the selling price may have increased by $100,000.00 making it advantageous for the developer to decide not to sell to the original purchaser and put the property back on the market and sell for a higher price.

Buying off the plan has advantages for the purchaser but also disadvantages. There have been many examples recently in the media of developers withdrawing properties from sale, changing the size of lots, changing the fixtures and fittings, even reducing the number of bedrooms. All of this was discussed in Steven’s presentation.

There are proposed updates to laws being proposed by several State Governments.

To find out more about Buying Off the Plan, download our free reference here.

Linkedin for Lead Generation

James Cooke from Linkedin Success gave a fabulous presentation on using Linkedin as a Lead Generation Tool for Lawyers. James is passionate about using Linkedin as a lead generation tool and he conveys this passion in his presentations. His presentation was not only educational but practical and fun. James’ vast experience using Linkedin to generate leads for his Debt Collection business has enabled him to develop a proven formula that he now shares both online and in live presentations.

If you would like to learn about using Linkedin as a Lead Generation Tool for your business, why not try James’ free Udemy course

As always Alice from ICLE and Tristan from BAM Studios made the day of filming fun and productive.

Off The Plan Property Call To Action

ICLE & BAM Studios filming with Etienne

Steven Brown & Helen Haynes filming for ICLE

Thanks again to ICLE and BAM Studios for inviting Etienne Lawyers to film seminars for continuing legal education.

Steven Brown filmed two seminars on the Personal Property & Securities Register (PPSR).

We were delighted to have Helen Haynes film a seminar on Presenting with POWER for ICLE.

Thank you to Alice Debechi from ICLE for inviting Etienne Lawyers to present for ICLE.

Tristan Baker from BAM Studios as always was the consumate professional and made everyone feel comfortable.

Both Steven’s and Helen’s seminars will be available online at ICLE

Thanks to ICLE and BAM Studios

Etienne Lawyers featured in the filming of Legal Seminars for ICLE last weekend. It was another great experience to film with ICLE and BAM Studios again. As always it was fun and we learnt more about film technology and gadgets.

Filming with ICLE and BAM Studios

Steven Brown filmed two seminars for ICLE. One seminar covered the new legislation for the Franchising Code and the other seminar covered the updated laws regarding the Australian Competition and Consumer Code.

Susan Jones form Living Lines also filmed a session for ICLE on Business Branding. Susan’s session was informative and entertaining with some great business branding tips.

Thank you to Alice Debechi from ICLE for the opportunity to take part in the ICLE program.

Thank you to Tristan from BAM Studios for his professionalism and patience in the filming. As always he made the filming session stress free and enjoyable.

We look forward to our next filming session with ICLE and BAM Studios.