FICPI 17th Open Forum Venice October 27

FICPI has invited Steven Brown to speak at the 17th Open Forum on Trademark Valuation. The FICPI 17th Open Forum is being held in Venice at the Molino Stucky Hotel.
FICPI Logo 17th International Forum - Trademark Valuation October 27

Over 1000 Patent and Trademark Attorneys attend the conference from October 25 – 28. FICPI will host over 20 seminars covering all aspects of Patent and Trademark law.

Steven Brown

Steven Brown has over 30 years’ experience in the Law. He practices in the areas of
  • Intellectual Property
  • Misleading and Deceptive Conduct
  • Trademark Valuation
and advises public and private sector clients on all aspects of business law.
Steven has authored articles in the areas of
  • Intellectual Property
  • Banking and Finance
  • Contract Law
  • Business Law
as well as chairing and speaking at many legal and business conferences.

Steven Brown will speak on trademark valuation at FICPI 17th Open Forum

Steven Brown said “It is an honour to be invited to speak again at the FICPI Open Forum. I have chaired and spoken at many legal conferences.
Each one provides a fabulous opportunity to showcase my work and the work of the firm. Also, I hear up to date legal issues from the experts in their field from many countries. Such as: Qatar, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland.
Being with the myriad of experts allows me to
  • broaden my knowledge and
  • gain skills
that would take years to otherwise perfect.”
Venice is the perfect place for a conference on Intellectual Property.
Venice itself is a brand and within it some of the largest brands in the world sell their wares.
The brand of Venice is about its DNA it’s
  • history
  • experience
  • beauty
  • landscape
  • food
The brand brings 30 million tourists a year to Venice. Because of the DNA of the brand of Venice other brands benefit. The DNA of Venice is unique. This is not the same for most other brands where the DNA can be copied. It is important to protect the DNA of your brand.


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