Why You Need Terms and Conditions of Trade?

Steven Brown

Steven Brown of Etienne Lawyers is presenting a FREE seminar on Terms and Conditions of Trade at the BREED Business Centre Wednesday May 20, 2015.

  • Find out how Terms and Conditions of Trade help you get paid faster and easier;
  • Find out what forms they can be in;
  • Find out what you don’t know about Terms and Conditions of Trade;

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You will gain concise, practical knowledge and useful tips from Steven as he has advised businesses from micros to multi-nationals on Terms and Conditions of Trade over his many years giving business advice and is a Registered Business Specialist with the Law Society of NSW.  With his extensive experience lecturing at the Institute of Company Directors, UTS, Finsia and Macquarie University this seminar is bound to be as enjoyable as it is educational. Steven’s seminar will be peppered with real life examples of how other businesses use their T&C’s of Trade. This will allow you to learn from other peoples mistakes and successes.

If you don’t have Terms and Conditions of Trade or you haven’t updated them recently this is the ideal opportunity to come along and learn from Steven about the importance of having well drafted T & C’s of Trade and how to use them properly. He will be available to answer questions you may have about your own Terms and Conditions of Trade.


As part of the evening, Breed provides a warm and inviting atmosphere to facilitate networking amongst the attendees before and after the seminar. Meeting new people at events like this is a great way to grow your business. Either by connecting with new potential customers, finding new suppliers or just connecting with people who know people you might want to know.

Don’t miss out on this FREE event to increase your business skills, learn from an expert and make new business connections.

Use this seminar to find out how your Terms and Conditions of Trade are impacting your business and grow your business.

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Find out if your Terms and Conditions of Trade are neglected and unloved with this FREE report.

If your business supplies or receives good or services you will need relevant, well drafted Terms and Conditions of Trade that are current with the your business practices.

Whether you are a supplier or customer, Terms and Conditions of Trade determine how each business transaction you conduct will conclude.

If you have relevant, well drafted T&C’s then you will more than likely have a good business experiences with each deal you transact. If you have neglected to take the T&C’s into account when negotiating deals you may wish that you had taken more care in the early part of the deal.

6 Signs Your T&C's Need a Makeover


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