Don't trip over WHS



WHS Call To ActionUnless you want to be exposed to substantial fines and in some States goal terms, it is critical that your business has its staff trained to maintain work place health and safety.

Business owners have duties to their employees, customers, clients and contractors. You need to know and understand your work, health and safety obligations to avoid unnecessary injuries to those in your care thereby avoiding being fined and losing precious productivity from employees having time off due to injuries, sickness or ill health.

As part of our commitment to provide practical advice we have a work, health and safety division that provides on site assessment and training for all occupational, health, work and safety needs.

Our WHS division is run by Paul Rafter who has had 30 years of experience in business, the health and hospital sector and for the past 10 years the Catholic Education System in New South Wales.

We can provide you with reports and hands on assistance in your work, health and safety compliance programmes.

With our lawyers are model work and safety policy guides have been used by offices, manufacturers and tele-commuting businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.